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Mozart, Bart van Oort - Complete Keyboard Works FLAC Performer: Mozart, Bart van Oort
Title: Complete Keyboard Works
Label: Brilliant Classics
# Cat: 93025
Released: 16 Feb 2006
Country: Netherlands
FLAC album: 1491 mb
MP3 album: 1708 mb
Rating: 4.5
Genre: Classical


1London Sketchbook, KV. 15N Andante
2Rondeau: Allegretto
3Eight Minuets, KV. 315A
4Minuet In F, KV. 2 (1761-2)
5London Sketchbook, KV. 15Aa Allegro
6Molto Presto
7London Sketchbook, KV. 15Ii Andante
8Adagio In C Major KV. 356 For Glass Harmonica
9London Sketchbook, KV. 15D Moderato
10Sonata In D Major For Two Pianos, KV. 448
11Minuet In F, KV. 5
12London Sketchbook, KV. 15Mm Andante
13Minuet In D Major KV. 355 (1789-90) And Trio By Stadler
14Seven Variations KV. 25 On The Dutch Song “Willem Van Nassau”
15London Sketchbook, KV. 15F Minuet
17Six Variations KV. 54 On An Allegretto
18Andante And Variations In G Major, KV. 501
19Sonata In C Major, KV. 279
20London Sketchbook, KV. 15Ll Anh. 109B/9 Presto
21Minuet In A
22Fugue In G Minor, KV. 401
23Klavierstück In B-Flat Major, KV. Deest (1768?), First Recording
24Sonata In F Major, KV. 533
25Suite In C Major, KV. 399
26Rondo In A Minor, KV. 511
27Sonata In A Major, KV. 331 (1781-83)
30Allegro In C, KV. 9A
31Rondo: Allegretto
32Marche Funèbre Del Sigr Maestro Contrapunto, KV. 453A
33Variatons, Vol. II Six Variations (Kv. 581), KV. Anh. 137 (After Sept. 1789) On A Theme From The Clarinet Quintet
34Courante: Allegretto
35Six German Dances, KV. 509
36Sonata In C Minor, KV. 457
37Adagio In B Minor, KV. 540
38London Sketchbook, KV. 15T Anh. 109B/5 Allegro
39Adagio And Allegro For Mechanical Organ In F Minor, KV. 594
40Allegro Assai
41Sonata In D Major, KV. 311
42Fantasy In C Minor, KV. 475
43Minuet In D, KV. 61G Ii (1769?)
44Nine Variations KV. 573 On A Menuet By Jean-Pierre Duport
45Eine Kleine Gigue, KV. 574
46Nine Variations KV. 264 On The Arietta “Lison Dormait” From The Opera “Julie” By Nicolas Dezède
47London Sketchbook, KV. 15W Moderato
48London Sketchbook, KV. 15Ff Anh. 109B/8 Minuet
49Ballet Music From Ascanio In Alba, KV. 111 (Known As Nine Pieces For Piano, KV. Anh. 207) (1771?), First Recording
50Alla Turca: Allegretto
51Menuetto I – Menuetto Ii
52Rondeau En Polonaise
53Sonata In C Major, KV. 545
54London Sketchbook, KV. 15P Anh. 109B/3 Presto
55London Sketchbook, KV. 15Oo German Dance
56London Sketchbook, KV. 15X Anh. 109B/6 Allegro
57March In C Major, KV. 408/1
58Rondo In D Major, KV. 485
59Rondeau: Allegro
60Andante Grazioso. Theme And Six Variations
61Minuet And Trio In G, KV. 1E/F (1761-2)
62London Sketchbook, KV. 15U Siciliano
63Fantasy In F Minor For Mechanical Organ, KV. 608
64London Sketchbook, KV. 15Y Andante
65Menuetto Del Sgr. Wolfgango Mozart 16To Decembris 1761 In F, KV. 1D
66Sonata In D Major, KV. 576
67Ten Variations KV. 455 (1783-84) On The Aria “Unser Dummer Pöbel Meint” From “La Rencontre Imprévue” By Christoph Willibald Gluck
68London Sketchbook, KV. 15S German Dance
69Twelve Variations KV. 265 On The French Song “Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman”
70Sonata In E-Flat Major, KV. 282
71London Sketchbook, KV. 15Kk Allegro
72Andante. Theme And Twelve Variations
73Andante Amoroso
74London Sketchbook, KV. 15H Contredance
77Andante Con Espressione
78Twelve Variations KV. 179 On A Menuet By Johann Christian Fischer
79Fantasy In C Minor, KV. 396
80Three Variations KV. 460 On “Come Un Agnello” From The Opera “Fra I Due Litiganti Il Terzo Gode” By Giuseppe Sarti
81Sonata In A Minor, KV. 310
82Six Variations KV. 398 On “Salve Tu, Domine” From The Opera “I Filosofi Immaginarii” By Giovanni Paisiello
83Molto Allegro
84Allegro Moderato
86Rondeau: Allegretto Grazioso
87Allemande: Andante
88Twelve Variations KV. 354 On The Romance “Je Suis Lindor” From “Le Barbier De Seville” By Beaumarchais, Music By Antoine-Laurent Baudron
89Allegro Con Spirito
91Sonata In C Major, KV. 358
92London Sketchbook, KV. 15A Anh. 109B/1 German Dance
93Allegro Molto
94Prelude In F Minor, KV. Anh. 32 , First Recording
95Sonata In C Major, KV. 521
96Minuet In F, KV. 4
97Allegro Maestoso
98London Sketchbook, KV. 15L Contredance
99London Sketchbook, KV. 15Cc Allegro Maestoso
100Sonata In D Major, KV. 381
101Allegro Del Sgr. Wolfgango Mozart 11Ten Decembris 1761 In F, KV. 1C
103Minuet In C
104Allegretto Grazioso
105Eight Variations KV. 24 On The Dutch Song “Laat Ons Juichen, Batavieren!” By Christian Ernst Graaf
106London Sketchbook, KV. 15Pp/Qq Minuet And Trio
107Prelude And Fugue In C Major, KV. 394
108Minuet In F
109Six Variations KV. 180 On “Mio Caro Adone” From The Opera “La Fiera Di Venezia” By Antonio Salieri
110London Sketchbook, KV. 15B Anh. 109B/2 Contredance
111Sonata In C Major, KV. 19D
112Two Short Fugues, KV. 154A (1772-73) Fugue In D - Fugue In G
113London Sketchbook, KV. 15I/K Minuet And Trio
114Sonata In D Major, KV. 284
115London Sketchbook, KV. 15Bb Allegro
116Allegro In B-Flat Major, KV. 3
117Minuet In G
118Andante Un Poco Adagio
119Minuet In D
120London Sketchbook, KV. 15E Contredance
121London Sketchbook, KV. 15Ee Poco Andante
122London Sketchbook, KV. 15C: Minuet
123Modulating Prelude, KV. 624 (1776-1777), First Recording
124Sonata In F Major, KV. 280
125Adagio In F Major, KV. Anh. A65 (1772-73), First Recording
126Sonata In B-Flat Major, KV. 333 (1783-84)
127Sonata In B-Flat Major, KV. 281
128London Sketchbook, KV. 15M Anh. 109B/4 Minuet
129Allegro In C, KV. 1B
130Sonata In C Major, KV. 309
131Fugue In C Minor For Two Pianos, KV. 426
132Eight Variations KV. 352 On The Chorus “Dieu D'Amour” From The Opera “Les Mariages Samnites” By André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry
133Sonata In C Major, KV. 330 (1781-83)
134Adagio – Allegro Di Molto
135Allegro In G Minor, KV. 312 (1789-90)
136London Sketchbook, KV. 15V Allegretto
137Molto Allegro
138London Sketchbook, KV. 15O Adagio
139Sonata In F Major, KV. 332, “Pastorale” (1781-83)
140Capriccio In C Major, KV. 395
141London Sketchbook, KV. 15Z Gigue
142London Sketchbook, KV. 15R Anh. 109B/7 Gigue
143London Sketchbook, KV. 15Q Andante
144Sonata In G Major, KV. 283
145Sonata In B-Flat Major, KV. 570
146Klavierstück In F, KV. 33B
147Twelve Variations KV. 353 On The French Song “Le Belle Françoise”
148Fantasy In D Minor, KV. 397
149Overture To Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail, KV. 384 (1782-83), First Recording
150Three Piano Pieces, Arranged As A Sonata
152Andante Cantabile
153London Sketchbook, KV. 15Hh Minuet And Trio
154Eight Variations KV. 613 On The Song “Ein Weib Ist Das Herrlichste Ding” From The Singspiel “Der Dumme Gärtner” By J. Schack And F. Gerl
155Sonata In F Major, KV. 497
156Andante KV. 616 For A Mechanical Organ In F Major
157Twelve Variations KV. 500 On An Allegretto
158Contredanse In D Major KV. 534 Das Donnerwetter, First Recording
159Allegro In B-Flat Major, KV. 400
160Andante In C, KV. 1A
161London Sketchbook, KV. 15Gg Contredance
162Ouverture: Grave, Allegro


  • Composed ByWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • FortepianoBart van Oort, Ursula Dütschler (tracks: 12-1 to 12-7, 13-1 to 13-8, 14-1 to 14-3, 14-5)
  • Liner NotesBart van Oort, Sylvia Berry


Contains 68p booklet
CD's in cardboard sleeves

CD1: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bart van Oort - Sonatas And Fantasies
CD3: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Variations Vol. I
CD4: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Variations Vol. II
CD12: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Keyboard Works 4-Hands, Vol. I
CD13: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Keyboard Works 4-Hands, Vol. II
CD14: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Keyboard Works 4-Hands & 2 Pianos


  • Barcode: 5028421930251